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Have a private session with a certified life coach once a week for 10 weeks, up to 60 minutes each session. This coaching package includes the DreaMax Program in which will guide you through the process of selecting goals that bring balance to your life and improve your lifestyle.

The DreaMax Program accelerates your results with clear guidance, motivates you with different techniques and knowledge and improves your focus and longing with visualization techniques using your DreaMax’s goals book. In your goals book will be photos related to your goals and personalized affirmations that are aligned with your goals.

The Personal Coaching service gives you a huge advantage in the fulfillment of your goals by guiding you through the entire process. The process includes the understanding of why you want to achieve certain goals, what is the most efficient way to achieve them, what skill sets you need to develop them; and what you need to learn, review your progress and habits, among others things, always depending on your desired result. Your life coach will provide you tools, information and opportunities that are related to what you want to achieve and improve. 

Having the expertise and knowledge of a professional will boost your results in a happy and positive way.



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