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The TimeMax program is created for those who want to leave a legacy to their loved ones and their future generations. Financial inheritances in bank accounts, investments or property is only a small part of what you can leave in life or as an inheritance. Share your experiences and memories with them! Inspiring them and showing them the value of your experiences is a true inheritance. Enjoy while sharing with them those moments of your life. Leave them a true legacy!

Let your grandchildren and future generations know who you really are. They will know their roots and at the same time, they will learn from your wisdom and advice. Wouldn’t it be incredible if your predecessors had done the same for you? How would your life change if you had the guidance of your ancestors?

TimeMax will guide you step by step to create the story of your life in a simple way. Our program consists of a series of videos in which you will be taught the benefits of sharing your experiences. How other people can learn from you and motivate them. We offer a new perspective on how to use those special moments in your life to share them in the right way. We know how valuable experiences are and the great purpose that each of us has.

The TimeMax program is designed so that anyone can take it. We can capture the essence of what you want to share in a very simple way. Your future generations deserve to get the best of you. This is the moment, now it is possible thanks to the TimeMax program.

*TimeMax online course is only available in Spanish at the moment. For English, you can make an appointment with a certified coach.


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