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Know where you are and where you want to go with your partner. WedMax is a program for those couples who want a better communion with their partner. If you want to improve some situation and want to live a happy life as a couple, WedMax is for you.

The WedMax program will allow you to communicate better with your partner and be more aware of the type of relationship you have with him or her. The program offers a series of videos with a new and fresh perspective on relationships and how to get the best out of the relationship. We are not the experts; You are! Within you is the capacity, qualities, traits and solutions to live a happy relationship.

WedMax allows a communication gap to open between you and your partner.

Do you want to know why you fell in love with that particular person? We are convinced that your partner has beautiful qualities, but we know that there is always something else because you are together. Every relationship has a purpose. With the program, you will discover the direction of your union and the great purpose of it.

Start right now to make it happen!

*The WedMax online course is only available in Spanish at the moment. For the WedMax in English, you can make an appointment with a certified coach.


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